Save the Memory

A gift is the best way to show somebody how special they are to you. There are so many options of gifts to buy that it can leave a person conflicted as to what the right gift will be! The best gift to give a special loved one is always a unique, and personalized gift that means something special to no one else but the receiver.

Some say that the best gifts aren't items, but memories. My Stars and Planets offer a way to put that special memory into an item and get the best of both worlds!  

Create a long-lasting memory of that special moment

Life is filled with special and memorable moments we hold closely and dearly in our hearts. This could be the moment our child was born, the moment we got married or some other memorable moment in which our lives changed forever.

Each moment is unique and defined by our solar system’s planets and the constellations of the zodiac, thus resulting in every passing moment having its own unique Astrological map of the stars. At no point in time will the positions of the planets and constellations be the exact same, ever. This makes each and every moment that goes by as unique as a snowflake, or as your fingerprint or DNA. 

Most of us have seen our natal chart or a live chart for a moment on a computer screen or on paper, however, these computer-generated charts can lack a personal touch.  The My Stars and Planets display is a must-have for professional Astrologers and Astrology enthusiasts alike, as it is a beautiful way to display any chart like a trophy and share that moment with everyone else.

What is the My Stars and Planets display?

 Our personal star map for our date and time of birth and special moments in our lives are unique and special to us and My Stars and Planets offers a unique display of what your special moment looked like in the stars. Each My Stars and Planets display is handmade and crafted with raw materials and love by a specialized artisan. Each piece is crafted individually and the artisan ensures to take their time in order to ensure a high-quality star display. The display shows the exact placement of the zodiac constellations along with where the planets were located during the specified moment.

 This is the perfect gift to celebrate whatever the special moment is you hold dear to your heart, for yourself or for your loved one. The My Stars and Planets display is fully customizable to suit your specific preferences. There is a selection of 4 different constellation images to choose from, along with 6 different chart backdrops and 6 unique colors. You can customize your star and planet display to be as unique as your specific chart itself!

 Dare to be different, and step out of the usual way of gifting and purchase a My Stars and Planets display for the next upcoming birthday, wedding or celebration! Celebrate the moment with one of the most unique and personalized gifts you can buy!

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