Frequent Questions

How long does it take to make? 

Typically, only about 2 - 3 hours each, depending on material on hand and what I have prepped. Each peice is unique, I personally pick out the wood for each piece and refine each piece along the way to make it perfect. I will not rush it no matter how many orders are backlogged, If I rush one persons then it takes away from the love and quality I put into any of them. 

How long before my order ships? 

Once you place your order, It will take about up to two weeks to complete and be ready for shipment. It depends on the number of orders received and the materials on hand. The wood preparation requires several days to get it cut right and if I run out, I have to make more. Unfortunately, the wood can not be pre-bought at lowers or a hardware store, I hand pick them at local wood mill / supplier. 

How long does shipping take? 

Once your Item is ready to be shipped, it will be shipped VIA USPS (in the us) and could take 3 - 5 days to receive it. All Shipments come with tracking so you are able to monitor it's shipping progress.

I live in the UK, will you ship to me? 

Yes, we will gladly ship to the UK or Europe. 

How about international shipping? 

Please contact us before ordering for international shipping, I would love to ship to you but need to make sure it can provide the same level of service to you as my north american clients. 

How do you get the designs for the glass?

The constellation images are calculated through a program that basically turns back the dial on the stars to that day and time and takes a "Snap shot", I then process this in a image processor and touch it up so it engraves nicely. The astrology chart, is created with a similar process where I use a Western Astrology Natal Chart tool to get the planetary positions and then use the same imaging software to place and produce the engraving image. This takes about half of the production time and allows me to ensure each image is amazing. 

What is your return policy? 

I want you to be happy with your display, it is a special moment in time. I put heart and soul into each piece and if you are not happy let me know I will try to make it right, or money back in 30 days (after receiving it) 

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